Meredith Shepherd

Flickers of Light Poetry

New England

After candle light and white tablecloths

Dark winding road

To deep wood and reds

While clutching lavender scents

Striped and musky cabins set

Red wine, words and hearts full of debt

Obsessing, endings, beginnings, longings

Dark winding path

Old music blaring softly

Jealously, card games and fire burning

Red wine, words and hearts full of debt

No toothbrushes, no perfumes

Just the deep wood, reds, and another me and you


Kitchen Daydream

Dried rosemary drape above woven green baskets

The tea kettle’s whistle flickers in and out through steam

Wood stove kindling crack and hiss

Dog barks, then lies his face back into the throw, repeated.

She walks bare foot on top wooden floors, in white

Her milky toes prance delicately and she fixes herself a cup of tea.

Outside snow falls soft and the yard is empty except for old trees and an unfinished shed—she stares at the window–examining herself, forcing herself to stay afloat the bewilderment

Her eyes meet her eyes and she begins to sob lightly.

Colored lights from the after Christmas day tree still glisten bright and her fingers tap, tap lightly on the pines.

Needles fall, she sips her tea. Looks to the top of the tree

Wooden beams criss cross her picture and she sways to the sounds of women singing—reminding her this will only last a little longer.

She sips her tea and sinks deep into her repeated daydream

Mexico and the SD Border





Falling for Seattle

I love Seattle: Some day I’d like to spend more than a week there.



Missing California



Pink poms


Flowers in California


black and white

The fall is alone just itself the most powerful and powerless adrenaline rush




To let go is the happiest one could ever become




The finale–the thoughts sink deep and the mind wanders back to when you were weightless and┬ácarefree–to let go is the happiest one could ever become


Newport, RI. Spring Street: Dec. 2012. My mom and I were wandering through bookstores and antique shops to finish last minute Christmas shopping. This weather these last few days is not suggesting winter one bit.